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g. maxwell fly rods is a hobby gone bad.  A love for fly fishing, and a desire for high quality rods that will not send you to the poor house or earn you the ire of your spouse.  A rod that you can use anytime you want, under any conditions, and keep to hand down to your son or daughter...or favorite nephew or niece.  Maybe even let your spouse use it!


Let me give you an example:  A new Thomas and Thomas 4-piece 4 weight ESP fly rod, and an Aspen fly reel, with Royal Wulff 4 weight floating line and backing, for $675.00!  Compare the prices, then e-mail or call me!

How about an R.L. Winston  3 or 4 weight rod?  With an Aspen reel, line and backing...all for $775?

Each and every rod is built by one person...me.  I'm Glenn Maxwell Scott, originally from western Pennsylvania.  I now reside in the Panhandle of Florida.  I have been building rods for over a decade.

Thomas & Thomas, R.L. Winston, Sage and other quality blanks are used in my rods, nickel-silver reel seats with exotic (or not) woods, and Hopkins & Holloway snakes, stripper guides and tip tops.  I also use Perfection, REC, and Batson hardware on occasion.

Over the years, I have picked up some other essential fly fishing products to compliment the custom rods.   Waterworks-Lamson fly reels, Aspen Fly Reels, Royal Wulff fly lines and Clear Creek vests and bags are part of my inventory of quality products for the discriminating angler. 
Buy a new reel and get free fly line and backing...up to a $90 value!

If you want a high quality fly rod, without paying $700-1000 for it, you are at the right web site.  Check out the photos, ask questions...get answers, and get a great deal.  Many times, I can build you a custom rod with a reel for what you might pay for a retail rod...same warranties and performance, less money!!!

If you have any questions, please contact me at: max@gmaxwellflyrods.com or you can call me at 850-276-1682 and leave me a message; I'll call back as soon as I can.
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